Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Two New Electric ARFs

Fliton has announced an elegant looking 50" wingspan electric pattern plane called the Element 30 F3A . Like most acrobatic electrics it's designed for brushless power and LiPo batteries, and retails for $179 USD. From the manufacturer's site:

An airfoiled rudder and elevators also provide excellent wind resistence, while presenting the aircraft like its bigger predecessors. The Element also features a fully built-up hatch (not plastic) for more structural integrity. Our thorough testing has lead us to believe, beyond a doubt, that this is the best parkflyer pattern ship available in today's market. Another interesting plane is the Airfoilz Extra 260 Hybrid , a 40" foam model with a street price of $59. It's somewhat unusual in that the structure is made of balsa and plywood with a foam skin. This compact 3D plane has huge control surfaces for maneuverability and looks like fun for advanced pilots.

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