Friday, August 22, 2008

Helicopter Sales

Several popular helicopters have gone on sale or had price reductions lately. The first is the Heli-Max MX450XS pictured at left, which is now $150 USD for the ARF. This 3D capable heli has an all-metal head, and a mixture of aluminum and carbon fiber on the body. Slightly less expensive is the Heli-Max MX400 Pro EP , which includes a brushless motor and ESC for $99 USD. These are both incredible values and much cheaper than they had been selling for.
Moving up a little, the Poseidon from Gazaur just dropped from $400 USD to $200. This very distinctive looking heli has an all-metal head and a textured fiberglass frame. It's a direct competitor to the popular Align T-Rex 450 series, and is very compelling at this lower price. Also available is the Gazaur Mars , which shares the mechanics but has a different canopy, frame, and tail gear ratio. Happy hovering!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

All Things That Fly Podcast

I've been listening to a great RC podcast called All Things That Fly . It started out as Inside Heli, and has now broadened in scope to include fixed wing aircraft. The show has a lot of good technical information especially for beginner and intermediate pilots. They also do guest interviews with various people in the industry. Check it out!