Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Holiday Destination Dubai

Dubai is such a dynamic city. Over the past five years, it has significantly transformed. With the number of housing projects underway, the face of the city has changed. Not only Burj Al Arab iconic structure, Palm Island has also placed Dubai on the world map. Dubai is a paradise for buyers. You have a brand name in the world and available in Dubai. Places like Mall of the Emirates and offers Burjuman major brands under one roof.

We finally have a factory Outlet Mall, called Dubai Outlet Mall on the road to Al Ain. The city is developing on festivals such as Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer surprises. There are some genuine deals available at the store. If you have money, Dubai is the place to be. To go on helicopter rides to see the city, hiring a yacht for the night, desert safari through the dunes viewing the city from the sky Bar Burj al Arab, it has everything. Nightlife here has reached international standards with countries such as Trilogy, about 360 degrees, Chi lounge and peppermint club.

With so many expatriates living in the city, it is possible to obtain the authentic cuisine from different regions. We must try the local food and Arabic when Shwarma here. There are good options outdoors during the winter season. Since the winter season here is short-lived and how pleasant for most Europeans, all outdoor places are packed during this period. Restauarants by the beach (Barasti), Creek (QD) or even with the advice of Sheikh Zayed Road (Teatro) are numerous. If the visit Dubai, we must try to go in the winter season and make the best .... To find the ideal accommodation for your stay in Dubai, use our search engine housing. All accommodation categories listed in this site will provide full information such as rates, contact information and facilities.

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