Thursday, September 25, 2008

E-flite Blade Micro-CX Coaxial Helicopter Announced

E-flite has announced the Blade Micro-CX helicopter, an indoor coaxial model with a main rotor diameter of only 7.5 inches. The MCX features two coreless motors which are powered by a single cell, 110 mAh LiPo battery. It operates using Spektrum's 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology, and will be available ready-to-fly with a transmitter for $129 , or in a bind-and-fly configuration, with everything except the transmitter for $99 . Both versions offer proportional, four channel control and should be capable of all the same maneuvers as the larger Blade CX2. Horizon Hobby's web site indicates late September availability for both.

Our take: Indoor coaxial helicopters are a lot of fun and dramatically easier to fly than conventional tail rotor models. When we r eviewed the E-sky Lama V4 , a Blade CX2 competitor, we found it could easily be flown in a basement or large family room. With its smaller size, the MCX may open up even more places to fly.

Based on its size, expect this model to be indoor-only, as even the 12 inch diameter coaxials can't stand up to a breeze. Kudos to E-flite for making the new heli compatible with all of the Spektrum transmitters, the CX2 unit, as well as the E-flite transmitter bundled with their recent Vapor model . No word yet on how tough these little helis will be. In all likelihood, some spare sets of blades and possibly extra landing gear will be all you need. At one ounce (28 grams) ready to fly, it'll be hard to damage itself too badly. No doubt the MCX will be appearing under a lot of Christmas trees this year.

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